Ooid 22
Ooid 22

Ooid 22

You need a faster, more agile paddle for beach tennis?

Check out the Ooid 22 3k Carbon Fiber Paddle! With amazing control, this sleek and fast-moving paddle will help you dominate opponents on the court with its excellent performance both in Offense as well Defense! It has been designed by professional Beach Tennis Players which makes us confident that it's perfect for you too.

You won’t find another paddle like it on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life. If you want to be at the top of your game, then look no further than Bold Ooid 22! 

Order yours today and be the first to enjoy it!

Glipper Strong Treatment

The Ooid 22 features the professional Glipper Strong Treatment, which gives you a homogeneous power and excellent grip. Plus, the weigh gain is only 8-9 grams, so you can move quickly and easily around the court. You'll be able to hit those winning shots with ease. Dominate your opponents on the beach tennis court with the Ooid 22 paddle!

Technical Specifications

Frame: 3K Carbon Fiber
Core: EVA 20 - Extra Soft
Lenght: 50cm
Thickness: 22mm
Weight: 320/340g
Finish: Glossy
Face Surface: Glipper Strong Treatment

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Don't take our word for it


Una paleta con un peso cómodo de manejar y el “extra soft EVA FOAM” absorbe super bien los servicios, proveyendo un toque bien controlado al momento de contestarlos. En cuanto al tratamiento, un “grip” bien efectivo para el servicio y esos remates de no tan cerca.

Raul Villanueva

Trujillo Alto, PR


Bold Beach tennis paddles have raised the bar. Even with Glipper's professional treatment. These paddles are on another level!

Efrain Reveron

Santurce, PR


The Bold Beach tennis paddles design is a breath of fresh air in an ocean full or similar looking competitors. They're not only different but also very appealing to look at!

Catherine Hinkle

San Juan, PR


¡Se siente super bien!

Buen balance entre control y “power”, el peso balanceado y el “Glipper” para el servicio… Excelente!

Luis "Luisda" Santiago

Vega Baja, PR